Pidan, Dog rolling treat ball toy, Gray

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An eating-while-playing food ball offers your dog tons of fun.
The model of a rolling ball contributes to higher joy of interaction and functions of tooth-cleaning and grinding.
Made of the optimal TPU flexible glue, the product shows good tolerance of being bitten and good flexibility.
The ball can be opened simply and filled with dog food or snacks.
Your dog will never get bored playing the ball, and grow up happily with the toy.

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The rolling ball is brilliant with the flexible streamlines.

The product is made of reliable materials and featured by solidness and bite resistance.

The TPU soft rubber with high toughness and good resilience is selected.

The wall thickness is 5 mm, making the product flexible and wear resistant.


Main features

The product with creative collocations offers the fun of “hidden treasures”.

It is a dog toy that offers snacks surprisingly.

You can open it easily, and fill it with the food preferred by your dog.

There will be much pleasure of free play with food for your dog.

There are various opening and combination manners.

The various biting and chewing manners offer different interactive funs.


The Ball Shape—The product will a good tool for chasing play with the irregular bounce.

The Semi-Open Shape—It can be bitten by your dog, clean the teeth, and indirectly protect your furniture.

The Fully-open Shape—Based on the throw & fetch game, it offers interactive funs.


Application Scenes:

A. Intellectual Improvement based on Rewards and Interaction

B. Throw & Fetch Game and Intimate Play

C. Teeth Grinding, Pressure Venting, and Anxiety Relief




1. Wash it with water after use. Pack it up after drying to avoid bac. growth.

2. Do NOT wash or wipe the product with a corrosive detergent (such as bleach).

3. This product is a consumable product for teeth grinding, and shall be replaced regularly.




Net Weight: 118g
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